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Notice to Traders

After spending time working on the largest trading floors of Wall Street and The City of London for Deutsche bank Global Markets I was inspired to create an online trading floor experience. Members of this site gain access to a proprietary trading and risk management system and trader toolbox that are not available anywhere else. I know because I built them for my personal use!

Due to the cost of providing this service the majority of content on this website is restricted to registered members who pay a small subscription in return for access to our proprietary, buy side equity research and trader toolbox. For about the cost of placing a single trade at most discount brokers, you can become a member of this most exclusive traders site.

Nothing in this website is specifically intended as Investment advice. Traders and Investors are encouraged to seek independent professional advice before making investment decisions and should not rely on information on this site to do so. Information posted on this site is for information only and positions held by the manager might change at short notice. The site may not be updated and so information may not be relevant to the investors positions.

Content available to non registered members is for information only, it may not be fully up to date and in no way forms part of any service or advisory agreement. All investors are required to agree to the terms of service and privacy policies and any other regulations as governed by your local regulatory authority as may be applicable under your local laws.